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x2gokdrive - Man Page

X server providing a graphical backend for X2Go Server


x2gokdrive [:display] [option ...]


x2gokdrive is a kdrive server that provides a graphical backend for X2Go desktop sessions, supporting modern extensions like composite, damage and randr.

Unlike nxagent (aka x2goagent) which is an X proxy, i.e. limited to the capabilities of the host X server, x2gokdrive is a real X server which uses the host X server window as "framebuffer" via fast SHM XImages.


The server accepts all the standard options of Xserver(1).

Furthermore, it understands the nxagent-way of providing session options via the $DISPLAY environment variable. Currently, only a subset of nxagent's nx/nx display options is supported. Non-supported nx/nx options get ignored.


Sending the SIGHUP signal to x2gokdrive switches the X server from running to suspend state and back.

Sending the SIGTERM signal to x2gokdrive shuts down the X server (and ends all applications attached to its $DISPLAY).


See Also

X(7), Xserver(1), nxagent(@appmansuffic@), x2goagent(1)


This man page has been written by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> for the X2Go Project (https://wiki.x2go.org).


xorg-server 1.20.14 X Version 11