x2godesktopsharing man page

x2godesktopsharing ā€” Share an X2Go desktop with other clients and users.


x2godesktopsharing [options]


x2godesktopsharing is a system tray tool that allows a user to give other users (i.e. helpdesk staff) control/access to his/her X11/X2Go desktop session.


x2godesktopsharing accepts the following options:


Activate desktop sharing on applet startup. The default is: desktop sharing is disabled.


This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> for the X2Go project (http://www.x2go.org).

Referenced By

x2golistdesktops(8), x2goresume-desktopsharing(8), x2gosuspend-desktopsharing(8), x2goterminate-desktopsharing(8).

Jun 2016 Version X2Go Application