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wxmaxima - Man Page

wxWidgets interface for Maxima


wxmaxima [-v] [-h] [-o <str>] [-e] [-b] [--logtostderr] [--pipe] [--exit-on-error] [-f <str>] [-u <str>] [-l <str>] [-X <str>] [-m <str>] [--enableipc] [input file...]


wxMaxima is a rather self-explanatory graphical front-end to the Maxima computer algebra system. It provides a graphical interface and 2D formatted output display for Maxima. Its menu system facilitates access to a huge part of the Maxima native set of commands and also to a browsable Maxima help. The dialogue windows make easy the introduction of mathematical entities such as limits, matrices, etc. Besides that, it extends Maxima with a few powerful features like the ability to create diagrams with one parameter bound to a slider gui control.

One can create worksheets, which can include mathematical cells (and the results) but also different headlines, text cells, images, page breaks, etc.

Maxima is a free (GPL) common lisp implementation based on the original computer algebra system Macsyma developed at MIT. It has full documentation (HTML and info) included.

wxMaxima uses the cross-platform GUI toolkit wxWidgets and runs natively on many operative systems.


-h,  --help

Help: prints a list of options.

-v,  --version

Prints the current version.

-b,  --batch

processes the file, saves it afterward. Will halt if wxMaxima finds an error message in Maxima's output and pause if Maxima asks a question.

-o,  --open=<str>

Open a file at startup.

-e,  --eval=<str>

Evaluate the file after opening it.


Log all "debug messages" sidebar messages to stderr, too.


Pipe messages from Maxima to stdout.


Close the program on any Maxima error.

-f,  --ini=<str>

Allows specifying a file to store the configuration in

-u,  --use-version=<str>

Use Maxima version <str>.

-l,  --lisp=<str>

Use a Maxima compiled with lisp compiler <str>.

-X,  --extra-args=<str>

Allows to specify extra Maxima arguments

-m,  --maxima=<str>

Allows to specify the location of the Maxima binary.


Lets Maxima control wxMaxima via interprocess communications. Use this option with care.



The personal wxMaxima initialization file, where user-specific settings are stored.


If the Maxima user directory - usually ~/.maxima/ - contains a text file named wxmaxima-init.mac the contents of the file are passed to Maxima automatically every time a new worksheet has been started.


If you find a bug in wxMaxima, please report it in the wxMaxima bug database

(Please check first, if it was not already reported.) And if you have a fix, that would be great. wxMaxima is an open-source project, where you can contribute.

If the issue is a mathematical bug, it might be a bug in Maxima (the backend, which does the mathematical computations), not wxMaxima (the graphical frontend).

The Maxima bug database is available at Sourceforge


Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

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