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wxGUI Data Catalog


The Data Catalog is a wxGUI component for browsing, modifying and managing GRASS maps.

Data Catalog allows you to:

Figure: Data Catalog integrated in wxGUI.


Some operations (copying, renaming, deleting) are by default enabled only within the current mapset. To allow changing data outside of your current mapset, you need to press Unlock button in Data Catalog toolbar.


When renaming, copying or deleting maps outside of Data Catalog, you need to reload the current mapset or entire database, because it is currently not synchronised.

See Also

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Anna Petrasova, NCSU GeoForAll Laboratory
Tereza Fiedlerova, OSGeoREL, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Source Code

Available at: wxGUI Data Catalog source code (history)

Accessed: Wednesday Nov 15 17:42:20 2023

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