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Maidenhead locator utility


This program does Maidenhead calculations of distance and bearing for any two Maidenhead locators given on the command line; Alternatively the program may be used to return the Latitude and Longitude of a single Maidenhead grid square when invoked as locator.


wwl fn25di jo55ei
qrb: 5810 kilometers, azimuth: 46 degrees

wwl jo55 ec41
qrb: 15996 kilometers, azimuth: 216 degrees

locator FN25di
Locator : FN25DI
Coordinates: Long: (W) -75.75 Lat : (N) 45.3333

locator jo55ei
Locator : JO55EI
Coordinates: Long: (E) 10.33 Lat : (N) 55.3333

locator ec41
Locator : EC41AA
Coordinates: Long: (W) -92.00 Lat : (S) -69.0000


wwl, Originally by IK0ZSN Mirko Caserta <ik0zsn@amsat.org>

locator, originally written by Harald M. Stauss harald.stauss@web.de DO1JHS @ DB0GR.#BLN.DEU.EU

There is no code from the original (dead?) version of wwl or the original (dead?) version of locator in this version.


Diane Bruce (VA3DB) db@db.net

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The man page locator(1) is an alias of wwl(1).

October 7, 2007