wsdl2h man page

wsdl2h ā€” the gSOAP WSDL/WADL/XSD processor for C and C++


wsdl2h [Options] SOURCE ...


Please see /usr/share/doc/gsoap-doc/soapdoc2.html for details.

Converts a WSDL or XSD input file, or from an HTTP address, SOURCE to a declaration file that can be parsed by soapcpp2(1). If no SOURCE argument is specified, read from standard input.



Generate indexed struct names for local elements with anonymous types.


Bi-directional operations (duplex ops) added to serve one-way responses.


Generate C source code.


Generate C++ source code (default).


Generate C++11 source code.


Use DOM to populate xs:any, xs:anyType and xs:anyAttribute.


Make attribute members with default values optional with pointers.


Do not qualify enum names.


Generate flat C++ class hierarchy.


Generate global top-level element declarations.


Display help info.


Use path to find files.


Do not import (advanced option).


Do not generate SOAP_ENV__Header and SOAP_ENV__Detail definitions.


Do not generate SOAP_ENV__Header mustUnderstand qualifiers.


Display license information.


Use xsd.h module to import primitive types.


Suppress error "must understand element with wsdl:required='true'".


Use name for service prefixes to produce a service for each binding.


Use name as the base namespace prefix instead of ns.


Optimize by omitting duplicate choice/sequence members.


Optimize -O1 and omit unused schema types (unreachable from roots).


Output to file file.


Do not create polymorphic types inherited from xsd__anyType.


Create polymorphic types inherited from base xsd__anyType.


Use name for the C++ namespace of all declarations.


Generate REST operations for REST bindings specified in the WSDL.


Connect via proxy host, port and proxy credentials.


Connect with authentication credentials (digest auth requires SSL).


Do not generate STL code (no std::string and no std::vector).


Use name instead of soap for the C++ class members with soap contexts.


Use type map file file instead of the default file typemap.dat.


Allow UTF8-encoded Unicode C/C++ identifiers when mapping XML tag names.


Do not generate unions.


Display the current version and exit.


Verbose output.


Suppress warnings.


Always wrap response parameters in a response struct (<=1.1.4 behaviour).


Do not generate _XML any/anyAttribute extensibility elements.


Generate typedef synonyms for structs and enums.


Compatibility with 2.7.6e: Generate pointer-based arrays.


Compatibility with 2.7.7 to 2.7.15: Qualify element/attribute references.


Compatibility with 2.7.16 to 2.8.7: Qualify element/attribute references.


Compatibility up to 2.8.11: Do not generate union structs in std::vector.


Compatibility up to 2.8.15: Don't include minor improvements.


Compatibility up to 2.8.17: Don't include minor improvements.


Compatibility up to 2.8.59: Don't generate std::vector of class of union.


Do not generate _USCORE (replace with UNICODE _x005f).

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This manual page was written by Thomas Wana <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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December 23, 2004