ws_restore - Man Page

restore a workspace that was removed, but is still in recovery area


ws_restore [-h] [-l] [-F FILESYSTEM]  NAME TARGET


After a workspace was released by user or deleted due to expiration, it can be (depending on administrator policy) kept for a while in an unaccessible area of the filesystem before beeing finally deleted to free the space. In this case, it can be restored. The decision how long it can be restored is up to administrator.

ws_restore -l has to be used to list the restorable workspaces and to restore a selected workspace into a new existing workspace (attention, this name is not identical with the name displayed by ws_list !)

ws_restore can not be automated, it has to be executed in an interactive session by a human.



display usage help text


select the filesystem to search workspaces in, there is always a default for this. See ws_list


list available workspaces for restore


the name of the expired workspace, see ws_restore -l for available names. This name contains username, workspace and a timestamp.


the name of the workspace which is target of the restoration, it has to exist.


Written by Holger Berger

See Also

ws_allocate, ws_release, ws_list, ws_find


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