wraplinux man page

wraplinux — Create an ELF or NBI file from a Linux kernel with optional initrds.


wraplinux [-EMNlhV][-p 'kernel parameters'][-i filename]... [-o output filename] kernel


Takes a Linux kernel file and optional initrd files and outputs an ELF or NBI format file.



Kernel filename.

-p 'kernel parameters', --params 'kernel parameters'

Kernel commandline parameters (probably needs to be quoted.)

-i initrd, --initrd initrd

Initial ramdisk/ramfs filename. This option may occur multiple times.

-o filename, --output filename

Output filename (default stdout).

-E, --elf

Output in ELF format (default).

-M, --multiboot

Output in ELF format with a Multiboot header.

-N, --NBI

Output in NBI format.

-l, --load-high

Load the Linux kernel and initrd files entirely above 1 MB (default for --multiboot, for compatibility with Grub).


Overrule the default for --multiboot (and load the appropriate components of the Linux kernel below 1 MB as required by the particular Linux kernel format version).

-h, --help

Display a brief help message.

-V, --version

Print the program version.


Written by H. Peter Anvin <hpa@zytor.com>.


28 May 2010 wraplinux H. Peter Anvin