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wordlist2dawg - Man Page

convert a wordlist to a DAWG for Tesseract


wordlist2dawg WORDLIST DAWG lang.unicharset

wordlist2dawg -t WORDLIST DAWG lang.unicharset

wordlist2dawg -r 1 WORDLIST DAWG lang.unicharset

wordlist2dawg -r 2 WORDLIST DAWG lang.unicharset

wordlist2dawg -l <short> <long> WORDLIST DAWG lang.unicharset


wordlist2dawg(1) converts a wordlist to a Directed Acyclic Word Graph (DAWG) for use with Tesseract. A DAWG is a compressed, space and time efficient representation of a word list.


-t Verify that a given dawg file is equivalent to a given wordlist.

-r 1 Reverse a word if it contains an RTL character.

-r 2 Reverse all words.

-l <short> <long> Produce a file with several dawgs in it, one each for words of length <short>, <short+1>,... <long>


WORDLIST A plain text file in UTF-8, one word per line.

DAWG The output DAWG to write.

lang.unicharset The unicharset of the language. This is the unicharset generated by mftraining(1).

See Also

tesseract(1), combine_tessdata(1), dawg2wordlist(1)



Copyright (C) 2006 Google, Inc. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


The Tesseract OCR engine was written by Ray Smith and his research groups at Hewlett Packard (1985-1995) and Google (2006-2018).

Referenced By

combine_lang_model(1), combine_tessdata(1), dawg2wordlist(1), tesseract(1).