wob - Man Page

Wayland Overlay Bar


wob is a lightweight overlay volume/backlight/progress/anything bar for Wayland.


wob [options...]


-h, ā€‰--help

Show help message and quit.


Show the version number and quit.


Increase verbosity of messages, defaults to errors and warnings only.

-t --timeout <ms>

Hide wob after <ms> milliseconds, defaults to 1000.

-m --max <%>

Define the maximum percentage, defaults to 100.

-W --width <px>

Define bar width in pixels, defaults to 400.

-H --height <px>

Define bar height in pixels, defaults to 50.

-o --offset <px>

Define border offset in pixels, defaults to 4.

-b --border <px>

Define border size in pixels, defaults to 4.

-p --padding <px>

Define bar padding in pixels, defaults to 4.

-a --anchor <side>

Define anchor point, one of 'top', 'left', 'right', 'bottom', 'center' (default). May be specified multiple times.

-M --margin <px>

Define anchor margin in pixels, defaults to 0.

-O --output <name>

Define output to show bar on or '*' for all. If ommited, focused output is chosen. May be specified multiple times.

--border-color <#AARRGGBB>

Define border color, defaults to #FFFFFFFF.

--background-color <#AARRGGBB>

Define background color, defaults to #FF000000.

--bar-color <#AARRGGBB>

Define bar color, defaults to #FFFFFFFF.


Wob reads values to display from standart input in the following formats:



<value> <#background_color> <#border_color> <#bar_color>

Where <value> is number in interval from 0 to --max and <#*color> is color in #AARRGGBB format.


The following environment variables have an effect on wob:


Disable seccomp syscall filtering on Linux. Set this if you are having trouble running wob with tools like valgrind or strace.