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wlsunset - Man Page

day/night gamma adjustments for Wayland compositors supporting wlr-gamma-control-unstable-v1


wlsunset [options...]



Show this help message.

-T <temp>

Set high temperature (default: 6500).

-t <temp>

Set low temperature (default: 4000).

-l <lat>

Set latitude (e.g. 39.9).

-L <long>

Set longitude (e.g. 116.3).

-S <sunrise>

Manual time for sunrise as HH:MM (e.g. 06:30).

-s <sunset>

Manual time for sunset as HH:MM (e.g. 18:30).

-d <duration>

Manual animation time in seconds (e.g. 1800).

Only applicable when using manual sunset/sunrise times.

-g <gamma>

Set gamma (default: 1.0).

Runtime Control

Sending SIGUSR1 to wlsunset causes it to cycle through the following modes:

1. Forced use of the high temperature.

2. Forced use of the low temperature.

3. Automatic temperature calculation, the default behavior.


  # Beijing lat/long.
  wlsunset -l 39.9 -L 116.3

Greater precision than one decimal place serves no purpose (https://xkcd.com/2170/) other than padding the command-line.


Maintained by Kenny Levinsen <contact@kl.wtf>. For more information about wlsunset development, see https://sr.ht/~kennylevinsen/wlsunset.