wlogout - Man Page

A Wayland logout menu


wlogout [options] [command]


-h,  --help

Show help message and stop

-l,  --layout <layout>

Specify a custom layout file

-v,  --version

Show version number and stop

-C,  -css <css>

Specify a custom css file

-b,  --buttons-per-row <num>

Set the number of buttons per row

-c,  --column-spacing <space>

Set space between buttons columns

-r,  --row-spacing <space>

Set space between buttons rows

-m,  --margin <padding>

Set margin on all sides

-L,  --margin-left <padding>

Set margin for left of buttons

-R,  --margin-right <padding>

Set margin for right of buttons

-T,  --margin-right <padding>

Set margin for top of buttons

-B,  --margin-right <padding>

Set margin for bottom of buttons

-p,  --protocol <protocol>

Takes either layer-shell or xdg. The layer-shell allows transparency effects; however, only a few compositors correctly support it. The xdg protocol will work on almost all compositors, but does not allow for transparency.


wlogout was created to replace oblogout with a native logout script for Wayland. It also seeks to be a faster alternative that does not rely on depracated technology such as python 2; while maintaining a small code footprint.

You can run wlogout from any Wayland environment and it should just work.


Wlogout searches for a layout and style.css file in the following locations, in this order:

  1. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wlogout/
  2. /etc/wlogout/
  3. /usr/local/etc/wlogout

If unset, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to ~/.config/.

An error is raised when no layout file is found; However, the style.css file is optional. If you would like to customise either it is recommended that you copy the defaults from /etc/wlogout/ into  ~/.config and make any changes there.


Maintained by Haden Collins <collinshaden@gmail.com> for more information about wlogout, see <https://github.com/ArtsyMacaw/wlogout>.

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