winpr-hash man page

winpr-hash ā€” NTLM hashing tool


winpr-hash -u username -p password [-d domain] [-f { default | sam }] [-v { 1 | 2 }]


winpr-hash is a small utility that can be used to create a NTLM hash from a username and password pair. The created hash can be outputed as plain hash or in SAM format.


-u username

The username to use.

-p password

Password to use.

-d domain

A optional parameter to specify the domain of the user.

-f format

Specify the output format. The default outputs only the plain NTLM hash. The second output format available is sam which outputs the created hash in a format that it can be used in SAM file:


-v version

Version allows it to specify the NTLM version to use. The default is to use version 1. In case version 2 is used a domain needs to be specified.


winpr-hash -u user -p password -d domain -f sam -v 2

Create a version 2 NTLM hash for user with domain and password and output it in sam format.

Exit Status


Successful program execution.


Missing or invalid arguments.


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