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wimsplit - Man Page

Split a WIM archive into multiple parts




wimsplit, or equivalently wimlib-imagex split, splits WIMFILE into parts with size at most PART_SIZE mebibytes (power-of-2 megabytes), with the first part having the name SPLIT_WIM_PART_1 and the other parts having names numbered in order of the parts.

wimsplit can split both non-pipable and pipable WIMs.



Before splitting the WIM, verify its integrity if it contains extra integrity information.  Also include extra integrity information in each split WIM part, even if WIMFILE did not contain it.


Include extra integrity information in each split WIM part, i.e. like --check but don't also verify WIMFILE beforehand.


Splits the WIM 'windows.wim' into 'windows.swm', 'windows2.swm', 'windows3.swm', etc. where each part is at most 100 MiB:

wimsplit windows.wim windows.swm 100


It is possible for the size of the parts to exceed the PART_SIZE given. This is impossible to avoid because the WIM file format provides no way to divide a single file resource among multiple split WIM parts.  So if you, for example, have a file inside the WIM that is 100 MiB compressed, then the split WIM will have at least one part that is 100 MiB in size to contain that file.

See Also

wimlib-imagex(1) wimjoin(1)

Referenced By

wimjoin(1), wimlib-imagex(1).

The man page wimlib-imagex-split(1) is an alias of wimsplit(1).

February 2024 wimlib 1.14.4