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wimjoin - Man Page

wimjoin- Join a split WIM into a standalone WIM




wimjoin, or equivalently wimlib-imagex join, joins the SPLIT_WIM_PARTs into a standalone (one-part) WIM OUT_WIMFILE.  All parts of the split WIM must be specified; you probably want to do so using a shell wildcard.



When reading each SPLIT_WIM_PART, verify its integrity if it contains extra integrity information.  In addition, include extra integrity information in OUT_WIMFILE, even if the split WIM parts did not contain this information.


Include extra integrity information in OUT_WIMFILE, i.e. like --check but don't also verify the split WIM parts beforehand.


Join a split WIM, with the parts named `windows*.swm' where the * is anything (usually the number of the part, except for the first part which may have no number), and write the joined WIM to the file `windows.wim'.

wimjoin windows.wim windows*.swm


Both non-pipable and pipable split WIMs may be joined.

wimjoin is roughly equivalent to:

wimexport SWM_PART_1 --ref="SWM_GLOB" all OUT_WIMFILE

See Also

wimlib-imagex(1) wimexport(1) wimsplit(1)

Referenced By

wimlib-imagex(1), wimsplit(1).

The man page wimlib-imagex-join(1) is an alias of wimjoin(1).

February 2024 wimlib 1.14.4