wimdir - Man Page

List the files contained in a WIM image




wimdir, or equivalently wimlib-imagex dir, lists the files and directories contained in the specified image of the Windows Imaging (WIM) archive WIMFILE.

IMAGE specifies the image in WIMFILE to list.  It may be the 1-based index of an image, the name of an image, or the keyword "all" to specify all images.  It may be omitted if WIMFILE contains only one image.  You can use wiminfo(1) to list the images contained in WIMFILE.



List the files under PATH instead of under the root directory.


List detailed information about each file.


List information about the specified file only.  Intended for use with both --path and --detailed.


File glob of additional WIMs or split WIM parts to reference resources from. This option can be specified multiple times.  This option is only useful when --detailed is also specified.


wimdir supports split WIMs, but it only works on the first part of the split WIM.

Detailed metadata such as timestamps and data streams is not shown unless the --detailed option is used.


List all files and directories in the first image of 'boot.wim':

wimdir boot.wim 1

See Also

wimlib-imagex(1) wiminfo(1)

Referenced By

wimextract(1), wiminfo(1), wimlib-imagex(1).

The man page wimlib-imagex-dir(1) is an alias of wimdir(1).

February 2024 wimlib 1.14.4