why3ide - Man Page

start the Why3 IDE


why3ide [Options] [<FILE.why>|<DIR>]


Start the Why3 IDE, either loading an initial file, or starting in a given project directory.


-I <dir>

Add a directory the load path, used to search for theories.


Print version information.

-help, ā€‰--help

Show a list of options.

See Also

why3(1), why3-cpulimit(1), why3bench(1), why3config(1), why3doc(1), why3ml(1), why3realize(1), why3replayer(1)

Referenced By

why3(1), why3bench(1), why3config(1), why3-cpulimit(1), why3doc(1), why3ml(1), why3realize(1), why3replayer(1).

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