wayland-logout - Man Page

generic logout utility for wayland compositors


wayland-logout is a compositor agnostic utility for simulating a logout with any wayland compositor.

It sends a SIGTERM signal(3) to the running compositor PID which is obtained by looking at the environment variables.


wayland-logout uses the WAYLAND_DISPLAY and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR environment variables to get the socket(2) corresponding to the compositor instance.

Exit Status

wayland-logout exits with non-zero if an error has occurred along with the error reasoning and exits with 0 on success.


To kill the current compositor instance, run inside the compositor environment:

$ wayland-logout

A typical use case, to kill a specific compositor instance of another user (with uid=1002), run as the other user (or as root):

$ env -i XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1002 WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-4 wayland-logout


$ WAYLAND_DISPLAY=/run/user/1002/wayland-4 wayland-logout


November 27, 2020