wayland-info - Man Page

display information utility for Wayland


wayland-info [option ...]


wayland-info is a utility for displaying information about the Wayland protocols supported by a Wayland compositor.

It can be used to check which Wayland protocols and versions are advertised by the Wayland compositor.

wayland-info also provides additional information for a subset of Wayland protocols it knows about, namely Linux DMABUF, presentation time, tablet and XDG output protocols.


wayland-info accepts the following line options:

-h, ā€‰--help

Print a summary of command line options, and quit.

-i, ā€‰--interface interface

Only print information about the Wayland globals containing the string interface in their name.



The name of the display (socket) of an already running Wayland server, without the path. The directory path is always taken from XDG_RUNTIME_DIR. If WAYLAND_DISPLAY is not set, the socket name is "wayland-0".

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