wav2swf - Man Page

convert a WAV file to an SWF animation.


wav2swf [-o filename] file.wav


Takes a wav file and converts it to a swf movie.


-h,  --help

   Print short help message and exit

-V,  --version

   Print version info and exit

-o,  --output filename

   Explicitly specify output file. (Otherwise, output will go to output.swf)

-r,  --framerate fps

   Set file framerate to fps frames per second.

-s,  --samplerate sps

   Set samplerate to sps frames per second (default: 11025).

-d,  --definesound

   Store the sound as DEFINESOUND tag, not as streaming sound. Allows for

-l,  --loop n

   Loop the sound n times.

-C,  --cgi

   For use as CGI- prepend http header, write to stdout.

-S,  --stop

   Stop the movie at frame 0, and start the sound at 1, so that the
   sound will not play until a "GotoFrame(1)" is issued.
   (For use with flashsound.js).

-E,  --end

   Stop the movie at the end frame

-b,  --bitrate bps

   Set mp3 bitrate to bps (default: 32)

-v,  --verbose

   Be more verbose. (Use more than one -v for greater effect)


Matthias Kramm <kramm@quiss.org>


April 2012 swftools