wasm-objdump - Man Page

print information about a wasm binary

Examples (TL;DR)


wasm-objdump[options] file ...


wasm-objdump prints information about a wasm binary, similar to objdump.

The options are as follows:

-h, --headers

Print headers

-j, --section=SECTION

Select just one section

-s, --full-contents

Print raw section contents

-d, --disassemble

Disassemble function bodies


Print extra debug information

-x, --details

Show section details

-r, --reloc

Show relocations inline with disassembly


Print a help message


$ wasm-objdump test.wasm

See Also

wasm-interp(1), wasm-opcodecnt(1), wasm-strip(1), wasm-validate(1), wasm2c(1), wasm2wat(1), wast2json(1), wat-desugar(1), wat2wasm(1), spectest-interp(1)


If you find a bug, please report it at

Referenced By

spectest-interp(1), wasm2c(1), wasm2wat(1), wasm-decompile(1), wasm-interp(1), wasm-opcodecnt(1), wasm-strip(1), wasm-validate(1), wast2json(1), wat2wasm(1), wat-desugar(1).

February 5, 2021