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vzt2vcd - Man Page

Converts VZT files to VCD


vzt2vcd [option]... [VZTFILE]


Converts VZT files to VCD files.  If an output filename is not specified, the VCD is emitted to stdout.


-v,--vztname <filename>

Specify VZT input filename.

-o,--output <filename>

Specify optional VCD output filename.


Emit flattened hierarchies.


Coalesce bitblasted vectors.


Do not shorten bitvectors.  This disables binary value compression as described in the IEEE-1364 specification.  (i.e., all values except for '1' left propagate as a sign bit on vectors which do not fill up their entire declared width)


Display help then exit.


To run this program the standard way type:

vzt2vcd filename.vzt

The VCD conversion is emitted to stdout.


vzt2vcd does not re-create glitches as these are coalesced together into one value change during the writing of the VZT file.


Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

See Also

vcd2lxt2(1) vcd2lxt(1) lxt2vcd(1) gtkwave(1)

Referenced By

evcd2vcd(1), gtkwave(1), lxt2miner(1), vcd2fst(1), vcd2vzt(1), vztminer(1).

3.3.39 Anthony Bybell Filetype Conversion