vrpn_server - Man Page

manual page for vrpn_server 07.33


vrpn_server [-f filename] [-warn] [-v] [port] [-q]


[-millisleep n] [-NIC name] [-li filename] [-lo filename] -f: Full path to config file (default vrpn.cfg). -millisleep: Sleep n milliseconds each loop cycle

(if no option is specified, the Windows architecture

will free the rest of its time slice on each loop but leave the processes available to be run immediately; a 1ms sleep is the default on all other architectures).

-millisleep 0 is recommended when using this server and

a client on the same uniprocessor CPU Win32 PC.

-millisleep -1 will cause the server process to use the

whole CPU on any uniprocessor machine.

-warn: Only warn on errors (default is to bail).

-v: Verbose.

-q: Quit when last connection is dropped.

-NIC: Use NIC with given IP address or DNS name.

-li: Log incoming messages to given filename.

-lo: Log outgoing messages to given filename.

-flush: Flush logs to disk after every mainloop().


May 2020 vrpn_server 07.33