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  A simple VOMS https server using the VOMS::Lite library.


  This server porvides a minimal, non-forking example of a VOMS server interface for obtaining VOMS attribute certificates.

  It loosely follows the principles of REST where the client simply uses a  GET method to request Attributes they want:
  GET https://voms.server.fqdn:port/VO/Subgroup/.../Role=role/Capability=capability

 This example server doesn't fork 
 It relies upon a pecularity of the Net::SSLeay verify callback implementation 
   i.e. if Net::SSLeay has verified the incoming credentials to its satisfaction
   then the callback can be used to construct the certificate chain if not then it doesn't
 Therefore it cannot be made to handle GSI proxy certificates without patching NetSSLeay.

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If you want a well behaved server consider using Apache with mod_ssl and mod_perl. If you want proxy certificates to be able to acces a service like this consider using  Apache with mod_gridsite and mod_perl

This script was originally designed for SHEBANGS, a JISC funded project at The University of Manchester. http://www.mc.manchester.ac.uk/projects/shebangs/

Mailing list, shebangs@listserv.manchester.ac.uk

Mailing list, voms-lite@listserv.manchester.ac.uk


Mike Jones <mike.jones@manchester.ac.uk>


2021-01-27 perl v5.32.1 User Contributed Perl Documentation