voms-proxy-list.pl - Man Page


  An extension to the voms-proxy-init.pl scrypt. 

  voms-proxy-list VOMSURI \
                  [ -cert /path/to/cert.pem ] \
                  [ -key /path/to/cert's/key.pem ] \
                  [ -CApath /path/to/CA/directory (to verify VOMS server against) ] \.
                  [ -verbose ( shows warnings and thinking )] \
                  [ -debug ( shows encrypted/decrypted wire traffic ) ]


Creates a 512 bit proxy certificate which includs a VOMS attribute certificate.

VOMSURI is of the format vomss://voms.server.fqdn:port/VO/Subgroup/.../Role=role/Capability=capability
 where Subgroup, Role and Capability are optional.

use the vomss:// style uri to contact gLite VOMS vomsd servers

See Also

This script was originally designed for SHEBANGS, a JISC funded project at The University of Manchester. http://www.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/projects/shebangs/

Modifications (gLite VOMS support) made for JISC funded SARoNGS project. http://www.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/projects/sarongs/

Further Modifications for the UK NGS project SARoNGS service.

Mailing list, shebangs@listserv.manchester.ac.uk

Mailing list, voms-lite@listserv.manchester.ac.uk


Mike Jones <mike.jones@manchester.ac.uk>


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