voms-proxy-info3 man page

voms-proxy-info — prints informations about a proxy with VOMS extensions


voms-proxy-info [options]


The voms-proxy-info command prints information about a proxy, including information about the VOMS extension.

The default location of the proxy is


where user_id is the effective user id of the user running the command. A non-standard location for the proxy can be specified using the -file option.


Options may be specified indifferently with either a "-" or "--" prefix.

--acexists <voname>
Returns 0 if AC exists corresponding to voname, 1 otherwise
Prints the DN of AC issuer (certificate signer)
Prints the distinguished name (DN) of AC subject
Prints time (in seconds) until AC expires
All proxy options in a human readable format
-b,--bits <B>
[option to -exists] strength requirement for proxy to be valid
Prints information about the whole proxy certificate chain (CA excluded)
--conf <file>
Read options from <file>
Enables extra debug output
Returns 0 if valid proxy exists, 1 otherwise
--file <proxyfile>
Reads information from file <proxyfile>
Prints VOMS fully qualified attribute names (FQANs)
Displays helps and exits
--hours <H>
[option to -exists] time requirement for proxy to be valid (deprecated, use -valid instead)
Prints the DN of the identity represented by the proxy
Prints the proxy issuer DN
Prints content of the KeyUsage extension
Prints the proxy file pathname
Prints the AC serial number
Prints the proxy key size (in bits)
Prints the proxy subject Distinguished name (DN)
Prints all information regarding the certificate
Prints time (in seconds) until proxy expires
Prints the proxy type (full or limited)
Prints the URI of the VOMS server that issued the attributes
Displays helps and exits
--valid <H:M>
[option to -exists] time requirement for proxy to be valid
Displays version
Prints the vo name


To report bugs or ask for support, use GGUS: https://ggus.eu/pages/home.php


Andrea Ceccanti <andrea.ceccanti@cnaf.infn.it>

Daniele Andreotti <daniele.andreotti@cnaf.infn.it>

Valerio Venturi <valerio.venturi@cnaf.infn.it>

See Also

voms-proxy-destroy(1), voms-proxy-info(1), vomses(5), vomsdir(5)


Copyright 2012 Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

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