voms-proxy-destroy2 - Man Page

destroys a VOMS proxy


voms-proxy-destroy [options]


The voms-proxy-destroy is intended to be used after a proxy is no longer useful, to destroy it


Options may be specified indifferently with either a "-" or "--" prefix. The options from -help to -out are present for compatibility with grid-proxy-init, and have the exact same meaning. The meaning of the other ones is the following.

Displays usage
Displays version
Enables extra debug output
Quiet mode, minimal output
 proxyfile The name of the file containing the proxy, in case it is in a non-standard place.
Doesn't actually destroy the proxy.
 file Read options from file.


EGEE Bug Tracking Tool: https://savannah.cern.ch/projects/jra1mdw/

See Also

voms-proxy-init(1), voms-proxy-info(1)

EDT Auth Home page: http://grid-auth.infn.it

CVSweb: http://datagrid.in2p3.fr/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/Auth/voms

RPM repository: http://datagrid.in2p3.fr/distribution/autobuild/i386-rh7.3


Vincenzo Ciaschini <Vincenzo.Ciaschini@cnaf.infn.it>.

Valerio Venturi <Valerio.Venturi@cnaf.infn.it>.