voms-proxy-destroy2 man page

voms-proxy-destroy — destroys a VOMS proxy


voms-proxy-destroy [options]


The voms-proxy-destroy is intended to be used after a proxy is no longer useful, to destroy it


Options may be specified indifferently with either a "-" or "--" prefix. The options from -help to -out are present for compatibility with grid-proxy-init, and have the exact same meaning. The meaning of the other ones is the following.

Displays usage
Displays version
Enables extra debug output
Quiet mode, minimal output
-file proxyfile
The name of the file containing the proxy, in case it is in a non-standard place.
Doesn't actually destroy the proxy.
-conf file
Read options from file.


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See Also

voms-proxy-init(1), voms-proxy-info(1)

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Valerio Venturi <Valerio.Venturi@cnaf.infn.it>.