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volumeicon - Man Page

A lightweight standalone volume icon indicator


volumeicon --config=CONFIGFILE --device=MIXER --display=DISPLAY volumeicon --version


This app is a standalone lightweight volume icon, desktop independent, which sits on the system tray.

volumeicon accepts the following parameters.

-c,  --config=CONFIGFILE

Alternate configuration file. Default is ~/.config/volumeicon/volumeicon. Refer to volumeicon(5) for configuration file information.

-d,  --device=MIXER

Mixer device name

-v,  --version

Output version number and exit


X display to use


Submit bug reports and pull requests to Github <https://github.com/Maato/volumeicon>


Maato <maato@softwarebakery.com>


Niklas Koep <niklas.koep@gmail.com>

Lots of fixes, and help on github.

David Gidwani <david.gidwani@gmail.com>

Hotkey support

Mihail Szabolcs


Matthias Frei

Show notification only when hotkeys are pressed or when scrolling the icon.

Make the volume slider popup downwards if no space is left above the icon.

Jean-Pierre Demailly <demailly@fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr>

Option to use a horizontal slider

Option to show the numerical value of the sound level on the slider

Matt Boyer

Added support for 8-bit OSS sliders and improved configure.ac for OSS

Gauvain Pocentek

Port to GTK 3

Added french translation.


Changed volume mapping to match that of alsamixer (code from alsamixer).

Dan Church

Added `--with-default-mixerapp' configure option.

Valère Monseur

Added option for transparent slider background.

Various small fixes.

Steven Honeyman

Only use gtk -panel icons if they exist.

Mateusz Łukasik <mati75@linuxmint.pl>

Polish translation


This program is licensed under GNU General Public License version 3. See COPYING in the distribution for detailed license text.

See Also

volumeicon(5), alsamixer(1)

Referenced By


2024-01-27 0.5.1