viv - Man Page

The STD.pm6 command line multitool


viv [options] [file...]

 -e --evaluate TEXT          Use code from the command line
    --thaw                   Input is a --freeze dump, not Perl 6
 -o --output FILE            Send result to FILE, not stdout
    --noperl6lib             Disable use of the PERL6LIB variable
    --symlroot DIR           Use DIR as parsed module cache
    --concise                Pretty-print the parse tree (default)
 -c --check                  Just check syntax
    --freeze                 Generate Storable dump of parse tree
 -y --yaml                   Generate YAML parse tree
 -5 --p5                     Translate to Perl 5 syntax
 -6 --p6                     Translate back to Perl 6
    --psq                    Translate to Perlesque syntax
 -s --stab                   Include symbol table in output
 -m --match                  Include match tree in output
    --no-indent              Disable indentation of output
 -l --log                    Be verbose while generating output
 -k --keep-going             Don't stop if error found during output phase
    --compile-setting FILE   Preparse a CORE.setting file
    --help                   This message


2024-01-25 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation