virt-sandbox-service-upgrade man page

virt-sandbox-service upgrade — upgrade an existing Secure container


Upgrade a Security container

  virt-sandbox-service [-c URI] upgrade NAME


virt-sandbox-service is used to manage secure sandboxed system services. These applications will be launched via libvirt and run within a virtualization technology such as LinuX Containers (LXC), or optionally QEMU/KVM. The container / virtual machines will be secured by SELinux and resource separated using cgroups.

The upgrade command will update the config files for NAME to be compatible with the currently installed software version. NB this works in an upgrade direction only, it is not possible to install older versions of the software and use this command to downgrade the configs.

If you have editted the main sandbox configuration file manually, this command can also be used to update the libvirt guest configuration to match it.


-h, --help

Display help message

-c URI, --connect URI

The connection URI for the hypervisor (currently only LXC URIs are supported).


Execute /bin/sh in httpd1 container

 # virt-sandbox-service upgrade httpd

See Also

libvirt(8), selinux(8), systemd(8), "virt-sandbox-service(1)"


Container content will be stored in subdirectories of /var/lib/libvirt/filesystems, by default.  You can manage the content in these directories outside of the container and processes within the container will see the content.


Daniel Walsh <> Daniel P. Berrange <>


virt-sandbox is distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL v2+. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

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