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volume computations


vinci [Options] FILE


Vinci computes the volume of a polytope whose vertices, defining hyperplanes and/or incidences of vertices and facettes are stored in files following Avis' and Fukuda's polytope format.  The vertices are supposed to be in a file with extension '.ine', the hyperplanes in '.ext' and the incidences in '.icd' (see the sample files 'square.ext', 'square.icd' and 'square.ine').

Its basic call is 'vinci file' where 'file' stands for the polyhedron file name without extension, e. g. 'vinci square'.  In this case the existing files and installed additional packages are analysed and according to the problem type an appropriate volume computation method is chosen automatically.

For more information please consult the manual.


-m [LABEL]

Without a label, show all implement volume computation methods.  With a label, use that volume computation method.


Specify a positive integer, the number of recursion levels for which intermediate results are stored.  A higher value speeds up certain methods considerably while needing more storage space.


Set the random seed used for determining the objective function for Lawrence's formula to the specified integer.

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