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vcd2fst - Man Page

Converts VCD files to FST files


vcd2fst [option]... [VCDFILE] [FSTFILE]


Converts VCD files to FST files.


-v,--vcdname <filename>

Specify VCD/FSDB/VPD/WLF input filename.  Processing of filetypes other than VCD requires that the appropriate 2vcd converter was found during ./configure.

-f,--fstname <filename>

Specify FST output filename.


Indicates that LZ4 should be used for value change data (default).


Indicates that fastlz should be used instead of LZ4 for value change data.


Indicates that zlib should be used instead of LZ4 for value change data.


Indicates that the entire file should be run through gzip on close.  This results in much smaller files at the expense of a one-time decompression penalty on file open during reads.


Indicates that parallel mode should be enabled.  This spawns a worker thread to continue with FST block processing while conversion continues on the main thread for new FST block data.


Show help screen.


Note that you should specify dumpfile.vcd directly or use "-" for stdin.

vcd2fst dumpfile.vcd dumpfile.fst --compress

This indicates that the FST file should be post-compressed on close.


Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

See Also

fst2vcd(1) vcd2lxt(1) vcd2lxt2(1) lxt2vcd(1) vcd2vzt(1) vzt2vcd(1) gtkwave(1)

Referenced By

evcd2vcd(1), fst2vcd(1), fstminer(1), gtkwave(1).

3.3.53 Anthony Bybell Filetype Conversion