vboxmode man page

vboxmode ā€” detect format of isdn voice file


vboxmode [OPTION] [OPTION] [...] FILENAME


Vboxmode detects format of isdn voice files and au files (sun audio format).


-q, --quiet

Don't print information about the file, only detect format and return an error code.

-h, --help

Show summary of options.

-v, --version

Show version of program.

Return Code

The format of the file is returned as an error code:

See Also

autovbox(1), rmdtovbox(1), vboxtoau(1), vboxcnvt(1), vbox(5)


This manual page was written by Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de>, for Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux.

Referenced By

autovbox(1), rmdtovbox(1), vbox(1), vboxconvert(1), vbox_file(5), vboxtoau(1).

2000/09/15 ISDN 4 Linux 3.27 Linux System Administration