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valgrind-listener - Man Page

listens on a socket for Valgrind commentary


valgrind-listener [options]


valgrind-listener accepts (multiple) connections from valgrind processes that use the --log-socket option on the specified port and copies the commentary it is sent to stdout.


-e --exit-at-zero

When the number of connected processes falls back to zero, exit. Without this, it will run forever, that is, until you send it Control-C.


By default, the listener can connect to up to 50 processes. Occasionally, that number is too small. Use this option to provide a different limit. E.g. --max-connect=100.


Changes the port it listens on from the default (1500). The specified port must be in the range 1024 to 65535. The same restriction applies to port numbers specified by a --log-socket to Valgrind itself.

See Also

valgrind(1), $INSTALL/share/doc/valgrind/html/index.html or http://www.valgrind.org/docs/manual/index.html.


Julian Seward.


04/26/2024 Release 3.23.0