valadoc-0.56 - Man Page

Vala Documentation Tool


valadoc [OPTION]... FILE...


Valadoc is a documentation generator for generating API documentation from Vala source code based on libvala.


valadoc [OPTION?] FILE... - Vala Documentation Tool

Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options

Application Options

-o,  --directory=DIRECTORY

Output directory

-b,  --basedir=DIRECTORY

Base source directory

-D,  --define=SYMBOL...



Minimum runtime dependency: 'gobject' (default) or 'posix' (minimal libc)


Enable experimental features


Enable experimental enhancements for non-null types


Look for GIR .metadata files in DIRECTORY


Look for .gir files in DIRECTORY


Look for package bindings in DIRECTORY


Include binding for PACKAGE


Name of an driver or path to a custom driver (DEPRECATED AND IGNORED)


Look for external documentation in DIRECTORY


Include binding for PACKAGE


Alternative resource directories


Wiki directory


Adds packages to the documentation


Name of an included doclet or path to custom doclet

-X,  --doclet-arg=ARG

Pass arguments to the doclet


Removes protected elements from documentation


Adds internal elements to documentation


Adds private elements to documentation


Generate SVG image charts instead of PNG


package name


package version


GObject-Introspection repository file name


Display version number




Treat warnings as fatal


Show all warnings


Disable colored output

--target-glib='MAJOR.MINOR', or 'auto'

Target version of glib for code generation


Homepage or Contact


Florian Brosch

Referenced By

The man page valadoc(1) is an alias of valadoc-0.56(1).

March 2024 Valadoc 0.56.16