vala-gen-introspect-0.56 - Man Page

generate a GI file for GObject and glib based packages


vala-gen-introspect PKGNAME PKGBASE


vala-gen-introspect is a utility which generates GI files from GObject and glib based packages. It can be used in combination with vapigen(1) to generate an API for Vala, and allow its usage in Vala for compiling to native code. PKGNAME is the pkg-config name of the library and PKGBASE specifies the base directory for that package.


gen-introspect [OPTION?]

Help Options

-h,  --help

Show help options

Application Options

-v,  --verbose

Be verbose

-o,  --output=FILE

write output here instead of stdout

-n,  --namespace=NAMESPACE

Namespace of the module, like 'Gtk'


Shared library which contains the symbols


Other gidls to include


Homepage or Contact


J??rg Billeter, Raffaele Sandrini.


After compilation, the following command generates a GI for pango: vala-gen-introspect pango packages/pango

This can then be converted to a Vala API as follows:

vapigen --pkg cairo --vapidir . --library pango packages/pango/

See Also

vapigen (1)

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The man page vala-gen-introspect(1) is an alias of vala-gen-introspect-0.56(1).

March 2024 gen-introspect 0.56.16