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Changes type of vector features.


vector, geometry, editing, area, line, point


v.type --help
v.type input=name  [layer=string]  output=name from_type=string to_type=string  [--overwrite]  [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]



Allow output files to overwrite existing files


Print usage summary


Verbose module output


Quiet module output


Force launching GUI dialog


input=name [required]

Name of input vector map
Or data source for direct OGR access


Layer number or name (’-1’ for all layers)
A single vector map can be connected to multiple database tables. This number determines which table to use. When used with direct OGR access this is the layer name.
Default: -1

output=name [required]

Name for output vector map

from_type=string [required]

Feature type to convert from
Options: point, line, boundary, centroid, face, kernel
Default: line

to_type=string [required]

Feature type to convert to
Options: point, line, boundary, centroid, face, kernel
Default: boundary


v.type changes the type of geometry primitives.


Convert lines to area boundaries

v.type input=map_l output=map_b from_type=line to_type=boundary

In order to create areas, centroids must be added with v.centroids.

See Also

v.centroids, v.to.points


Radim Blazek, ITC-Irst, Trento, Italy

Source Code

Available at: v.type source code (history)

Accessed: Tuesday Mar 19 11:02:20 2024

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