userpath-verify - Man Page

userpath verify – Checks if locations are in the user PATH


userpath verify [Options] LOCATIONS...


-s,  --shell [bash|fish|sh|xonsh|zsh]

The shell in which PATH will be modified. This can be selected multiple times and has no effect on Windows. The default shells are: bash, sh

-a,  --all-shells

Update PATH of all supported shells. This has no effect on Windows as environment settings are already global.

--home TEXT

Explicitly set the home directory.

-q,  --quiet

Suppress output for successful invocations.

-h,  --help

Show a help message and exit.

See Also


userpath-append(1), userpath-prepend(1)

Referenced By

userpath(1), userpath-append(1), userpath-prepend(1).

Feburary 2022