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usdrecord - Man Page

manual page for usdrecord 24.03


Warning: in _DiscoverPlugins at line 207 of /builddir/build/BUILD/OpenUSD-24.03/pxr/imaging/hf/pluginRegistry.cpp -- Plugin HdEmbreeRendererPlugin type information incomplete Warning: in _DiscoverPlugins at line 207 of /builddir/build/BUILD/OpenUSD-24.03/pxr/imaging/hf/pluginRegistry.cpp -- Plugin HdStormRendererPlugin type information incomplete usage: usdrecord [-h] [--mask PRIMPATH[,PRIMPATH...]]

[--purposes PURPOSE[,PURPOSE...]] [--sessionLayer SESSIONLAYER] [--disableGpu] [--camera CAMERA] [--defaultTime | --frames FRAMESPEC[,FRAMESPEC...]] [--complexity {low,medium,high,veryhigh}] [--colorCorrectionMode {disabled,sRGB,openColorIO}] [--renderer {}] [--imageWidth IMAGEWIDTH] [--renderSettingsPrimPath RSPRIMPATH] usdFilePath outputImagePath

Generates images from a USD file

positional arguments


USD file to record


Output image path. For frame ranges, the path must contain exactly one frame number placeholder of the form "###" or "###.###". Note that the number of hash marks is variable in each group.


-h, ā€‰--help

show this help message and exit


Limit stage population to these prims, their descendants and ancestors. To specify multiple paths, either use commas with no spaces or quote the argument and separate paths by commas and/or spaces.

--purposes PURPOSE[,PURPOSE...]

Specify which UsdGeomImageable purposes should be included in the renders. The "default" purpose is automatically included, so you need specify only the *additional* purposes. If you want more than one extra purpose, either use commas with no spaces or quote the argument and separate purposes by commas and/or spaces.

--sessionLayer SESSIONLAYER

If specified, the stage will be opened with the 'sessionLayer' in place of the default anonymous layer.


Indicates if the GPU should not be used for rendering. If set this not only restricts renderers to those which only run on the CPU, but additionally it will prevent any tasks that require the GPU from being invoked.

--camera CAMERA, -cam CAMERA

Which camera to use - may be given as either just the camera's prim name (i.e. just the last element in the prim path), or as a full prim path. Note that if only the prim name is used and more than one camera exists with that name, which one is used will effectively be random (default=main_cam)

--defaultTime, ā€‰-d

explicitly operate at the Default time code (the default behavior is to operate at the Earliest time code)


specify FrameSpec(s) of the time codes to operate on - A FrameSpec consists of up to three floating point values for the start time code, end time code, and stride of a time code range. A single time code can be specified, or a start and end time code can be specified separated by a colon (:). When a start and end time code are specified, the stride may optionally be specified as well, separating it from the start and end time codes with (x). Multiple FrameSpecs can be combined as a comma-separated list. The following are examples of valid FrameSpecs: 123 - 101:105 - 105:101 - 101:109x2 - 101:110x2 - 101:104x0.5

--complexity {low,medium,high,veryhigh}, -c {low,medium,high,veryhigh}

level of refinement to use (default=low)

--colorCorrectionMode {disabled,sRGB,openColorIO}, -color {disabled,sRGB,openColorIO}

the color correction mode to use (default=sRGB)

--renderer {}, -r {}

Hydra renderer plugin to use when generating images


Width of the output image. The height will be computed from this value and the camera's aspect ratio (default=960)

--renderSettingsPrimPath RSPRIMPATH, -rs RSPRIMPATH

Specify the Render Settings Prim to use to render the given usdFile. Note that if a renderSettingsPrimPath has been specified in the stage metadata, using this argument will override that opinion. Furthermore any properties authored on the RenderSettings will override other arguments (imageWidth, camera, outputImagePath)


May 2024 usdrecord 24.03