usdedit - Man Page

manual page for usdedit 23.05


usage: usdedit [-h] [-n] [-f] [-p PREFIX] usdFileName

Convert a usd-readable file to the .usda text format in a temporary location and invoke an editor on it. After saving and quitting the editor, the edited file will be converted back to the original format and OVERWRITE the original file, unless you supply the "-n" (--noeffect) flag, in which case no changes will be saved back to the original file. The editor to use will be looked up as follows: - USD_EDITOR environment variable - EDITOR environment variable - emacs in PATH - vim in PATH - notepad in PATH

positional arguments


The usd file to edit.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-n,  --noeffect

Do not edit the file.

-f,  --forcewrite

Override file permissions to allow writing.

-p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX

Provide a prefix for the temporary file name.


May 2023 usdedit 23.05