usddiff - Man Page

manual page for usddiff 23.05


usage: usddiff [-h] [-n] [-f] [-q] files [files ...]

Compares two usd-readable files using a selected diff program. This is chosen by looking at the $USD_DIFF environment variable. If this is unset, it will consult the $DIFF environment variable. Lastly, if neither of these is set, it will try to use the canonical unix program, diff. This will relay the exit code of the selected diff program.

positional arguments


The files to compare. These must be of the form DIR DIR, FILE... DIR, DIR FILE... or FILE FILE.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-n,  --noeffect

Do not edit either file.

-f,  --flatten

Fully compose both layers as Usd Stages and flatten into single layers.

-q,  --brief

Do not return full results of diffs. Passes --brief to the diff command.


May 2023 usddiff 23.05