usdchecker - Man Page

manual page for usdchecker 23.11


usage: usdchecker [-h] [-s] [-p] [-o [OUTFILE]] [--noAssetChecks] [--arkit]

[-d] [-v] [-t] [inputFile]

Utility for checking the compliance of a given USD stage or a USDZ package. Only the first sample of any relevant time-sampled attribute is checked, currently. General USD checks are always performed, and more restrictive checks targeted at distributable consumer content are also applied when the " --arkit" option is specified.

positional arguments


Name of the input file to inspect.


-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-s,  --skipVariants

If specified, only the prims that are present in the default (i.e. selected) variants are checked. When this option is not specified, prims in all possible combinations of variant selections are checked.

-p,  --rootPackageOnly

Check only the specifiedpackage. Nested packages, dependencies and their contents are not validated.

-o [OUTFILE], --out [OUTFILE]

The file to which all the failed checks are output. If unspecified, the failed checks are output to stdout; if "stderr", terminal coloring will be surpressed.


If specified, do NOT perform extra checks to help ensure the stage or package can be easily and safely referenced into aggregate stages.


Check if the given USD stage is compatible with ARKit's initial implementation of usdz. These assets operate under greater constraints that usdz files for more general in-house uses, and this option attempts to ensure that these constraints are met.

-d,  --dumpRules

Dump the enumerated set of rules being checked for the given set of options.

-v,  --verbose

Enable verbose output mode.

-t,  --strict

Return failure code even if only warnings are issued, for stricter compliance.


November 2023 usdchecker 23.11