ursa-major-show-config - Man Page

manual page for ursa-major show-config 0.4.2


usage: ursa-major show-config [-h] [--dry-run] [--debug] [--config PATH]

[--user-config PATH] [--tag-config-file PATH]

[--traceback] [--tag TAG]


-h, --help

show this help message and exit


dry run mode


show debug log

--config PATH

config file for ursa-major

--user-config PATH

user config file to use, can override default configurations

--tag-config-file PATH

tag config file, default to "ursa-major.json" in current working directory


Print traceback if something wrong that ursa-major cannot do the job.

--tag TAG

show config of this tag only


January 2023 ursa-major show-config 0.4.2