uread - Man Page

reads a Fortran unformatted file


uread [ -x ] [ filename ]


uread reads an file created with Fortran's unformatted IO. The size of each record in bytes is printed to the screen, along with guesses as to what sort of data may be contained within the record.


integer*2, logical*2 data


integer, logical, real data


integer*8, real*8, double precision, complex data


real*16, extended precision, double complex data

In addition, data marked with char contains only writable ASCII characters and white space, and so is likely to be character data.

The -x option instructs uread to byte swap the input record data, allowing big endian data to be examined on a little endian machine, and vis versa.

The file name may be specified on the command line,  otherwise the data will be read in from the standard input.


The error message

	uread: data larger than file length

often indicates that the file being read has the opposite byte "sex" to the platform uread is being run on. Try using the -x flag to see if this is the case.

See Also

ustrip(1), uswap(1)


S.E. Norris s.norris@auckland.ac.nz

Referenced By

ustrip(1), uswap(1).