upldif man page

upldif — Barry Project's LDIF contact uploader


upldif [-p pin][-P password][-u][-h][-v]


upldif reads a list of contacts in LDAP LDIF format from stdin, and overwrites the Blackberry's Address Book database with those contents.  In other words, upldif is for writing to your Blackberry.  If you want to read data from your Blackberry into various formats, you want some other tool, such as btool or bio.


-p pin

Specify the PIN of the device to talk to.  Only needed if there are multiple Blackberries plugged into your system at once.

-P password

Simplistic method to specify device password.


Actually do the upload.  If not specified, upldif only dumps the LDIF data that it parsed from stdin, back to stdout for verification.

Note! If this option is specified, all existing contacts on your Blackberry will be deleted and replaced with the LDIF contacts.


Dump verbose protocol data during operation.

-h, --help

Show summary of options.

Return Status

In the event of a fatal error, the message will be written to stderr, with an error code of 1.


1) Have Barry parse your default ldap contacts as best it can, and send

the output to stdout.

ldapsearch -x | upldif


upldif is part of the Barry project. This manual page was written by Chris Frey.

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February 19, 2013