unzck - Man Page

decompress a file in the zchunk format


unzck[-c | --stdout] [--dict] [-v | --verbose] file
unzck-? | --help


The unzck utility extracts the original file from a zchunk-compressed one.

NOTE: The unzck utility will place the new file without the .zck extension in the current working directory, not in the directory where the original file resides.

The unzck utility accepts the following optional arguments:

-c, --stdout

Extract the data to the standard output stream, do not write it to a file.


Only extract the zstd compression dictionary.

-v, --verbose

Verbose operation; display some diagnostic output.

-?, --help

Display program usage information and exit.


Display brief program usage information and exit.


Display program version information and exit.

Exit Status

The unzck utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


Create (in the current directory) an uncompressed words file from a compressed one:

unzck /mnt/xfer/words.zck

Do not create the words file, but send the contents to the standard output stream:

unzck -c /mnt/xfer/words.zck

See Also

zck(1), zck_delta_size(1), zck_gen_zdict(1), zck_read_header(1), zckdl(1)


The unzck utility was written by Jonathan Dieter ⟨jdieter@gmail.com⟩. This manual page stub was written by Peter Pentchev ⟨roam@ringlet.net⟩.

Referenced By

zck(1), zck_delta_size(1), zckdl(1), zck_gen_zdict(1), zck_read_header(1).

May 31, 2020