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unu-subst - Man Page

map nrrd through one univariate substitution table


unu subst -s,--subst <subst> [-i,--input <nin>] [-o,--output <nout>]


Map nrrd through one univariate substitution table (itself represented as a nrrd). The substitution table is a 2-by-N table: a list of pairs giving the old value (to replace) and the the new value (to change to), in that order. A plain text file makes this easy. Unlike with unu-lut(1), unu-rmap(1), and unu-imap(1), the output type is the same as the input type, rather than the type of the lut or map.


-s <subst> , --subst <subst>

substitution table to map input nrrd through

-i <nin> , --input <nin>

input nrrd

-o <nout> , --output <nout>

output nrrd (string); default: “-

See Also

unu(1), unu-lut(1), unu-rmap(1), unu-imap(1)

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August 2021