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unu-slice - Man Page

slice along one or more axes at given positions


unu slice -a,--axis <axis ...> -p,--position <pos ...> [-i,--input <nin>] [-o,--output <nout>]


Slice along one or more axes at given positions. Output nrrd dimension is less than input nrrd dimension by the number of slice axes (except when the input is or gets down to 1-D). Can slice on all axes in order to sample a single value from the array. Per-axis information is preserved.


-a <axis ...> , --axis <axis ...>

single axis or multiple axes to slice along. Giving multiple axes here leads to doing multiple slices (at the corresponding positions given with “-p”. Multiple axes should be identified in terms of the axis numbering of the original nrrd; as the slices are done (in the given ordering) the actual slice axis will be different if previous slices were on lower-numbered (faster) axes. (1 or more unsigned ints)

-p <pos> , --position <pos>

position(s) to slice at:

  • <int> gives 0-based index
  • M-<int> give index relative to the last sample on the axis (M==#samples-1).
-i <nin> , --input <nin>

input nrrd

-o <nout> , --output <nout>

output nrrd (string); default: “-

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Referenced By

unu(1), unu-dice(1), unu-splice(1).

August 2021