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unu-minmax - Man Page

print out min and max values in one or more nrrds


unu minmax -blind8 <bool> <nin1 ...>


Print out min and max values in one or more nrrds. Unlike other commands, this doesn’t produce a It only prints to standard out the min and max values found in the input nrrd(s), and it also indicates if there are non-existent values.


-blind8 <bool>

whether to blindly assert the range of 8-bit data, without actually going through the data values, i.e. uchar is always [0,255], signed char is [-128,127]. Note that even if you do not use this option, the default (false) is potentialy over-riding the effect of environment variable NRRD_STATE_BLIND_8_BIT_RANGE; see unu-env(1) (bool); default: “false

<nin1 ...>

input nrrd(s) (1 or more strings)

See Also

unu(1), unu-env(1)

Referenced By

unu(1), unu-cmedian(1).

May 2021