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unu-dice - Man Page

save all slices along one axis into separate files


unu dice -a,--axis <axis> [-i,--input <nin>] [-s,--start <start>] [-ff,--format <form>] [-l,--limit <max#>] [-o,--output <above below>]


Save all slices along one axis into separate files. Calls unu-slice(1) for each position along the indicated axis, and saves out a different file for each sample along that axis.


-a <axis> , --axis <axis>

axis to slice along (unsigned int)

-i <nin> , --input <nin>

input nrrd

-s <start> , --start <start>

integer value to start numbering with (unsigned int); default: “0

-ff <form> , --format <form>

a printf(3)-style format to use for generating all filenames. Use this to override the number of characters used to represent the slice position, or the file format of the output, e.g. “-ff %03d.ppm” for 000.ppm, 001.ppm, etc. By default (not using this option), slices are saved in NRRD format (or PNM or PNG where possible) with shortest possible filenames. (string)

-l <max#> , --limit <max#>

a sanity check on how many slice files should be saved out, to prevent accidentally dicing the wrong axis or the wrong array. Can raise this value if needed. (unsigned int); default: “9999

-o <prefix> , --output <prefix>

output filename prefix (excluding info set via “-ff”, basically to set path of output files (so be sure to end with “/”). (string)

See Also

unu(1), unu-slice(1)


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August 2021